Dare to dream bigger, your client deserves it!

Sometimes you need to challenge yourself to dream a little bigger if you want people to notice what you're doing. In this clip CJ Pasley shares an example of a time where he and his team were forced to throw away the playbook and think outside the box.

How to create your ideal client?

What's a buyer persona, how do you build one, and why do you need one to take your marketing to the next level? I sat with CJ Pasley, LLC to talk about how to give your content marketing a sharp focus by defining your ideal customer.


Topik is a mobile blogging platform designed to give storytellers a powerful & simple way to publish stories from their phone. Topik is designed to make writing and blogging as simple as possible in a mobile devices. Empowering storytellers and connecting readers to their interest.

Topik was founded in Chicago by Kevin Hagens Jr. and myself. We have always had a mission to create beautiful and impactful products for the world. This application is designed to take one of the most powerful and rich forms of communication and make it easy for anyone to use. To achieve this, much research and planning was done to understand the world of bloggers and writers and study of gaps in current products.

Marcus Graham Project (15Hz)

House Ov Beeombi | "Sept. First."

Hank's Gym

Commencement Speech